Space Facts that You Knew Nothing about


 Most of us know nothing more than the fact that the earth supports life since some of the other cannot be seen with your naked eyes.  Research shows that there are a lot of things that exist and even work in space that you never knew about.  In this article from, we will expound on some of the greatest things that you never knew about happen in space.

The stars that we see from the earth spin as fast as sixty times every second which culminates into one of the greatest speeds ever experienced.  The highest speed of the stars can be seen or rather said to be when the stars are born or maybe it can be described as coming to life.  Due to this criticality, you find that the scientists refer to them as the high mass evolutionary stars.

 For sound to come from one place to another, there must be a medium for the waves to travel through. In space, since there is no medium, the space is utterly silent which makes the astronauts use radio waves to speak to each other when in space.  It is critical for you to know and understand that the space is so silent that you can never even hear a pin falling.

 The stars in the whole of space cannot be rightly estimated as they are utterly uncountable.  In the milky galaxy only, you find that there is a possibility of there being millions and millions of stars.  If you want to calculate the number of stars in the universal space, you have to multiply the number of galaxies by the number of stars estimated for each, which gives you completely absurd figures as they are over a zillion and another.

Since on the moon there is no atmosphere, wind or even air, you find that the Apollo astronauts' footprints will stay intact for at least the next a hundred million years.  As a reader, you may be have seen the photos and images of these footsteps.  You need not forget that the meteorites that bombard the moon as they are capable of erasing the footsteps. If you want to learn more space facts, visit

Finally, for more information about these fascination space facts and data at, you can research from the internet and virtual platforms at your own free time. There are also books and print materials that you can read to get more of these great space facts that will increase your general knowledge.  As seen in this article, you find that there are a lot of things that you can learn about the space.